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Anonymous asked:

i just cut my self for the first time in 2 months and i feel like my life is going in a circle, i really just want to end everything right now

no.. please. You are so beautiful and you have so much potential!

Hii, c:
I’m sorry I haven’t been on much to help you beautiful people! I truly am. But I’m on Instagram and Kik 24/7.
So follow me on Instagram? jazmin_servin3

or Kik me! jazmin31212

I’m always here to help! Stay strong, lovely people.

1. Bisexual. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. 14, 15, or 16. 6. No. :c 7. Fuck yes. 8. Yes. 9. Yes, a lot more. 10. Tyler Humphries. 11. In a relationship. 12. Piercings and tattoos. 13. Saggin’ boobs:3 14. Magic Mike. 15. YougetmeticketstoseeMarilynManson. 16. Tyler Higgins. </3 17. Getting raped. :/ 18. I get pissed a lot.19. My weight, legs, thighs, arms. 20. Eyes and hair. 21. Therapist. 22. Alright. 23. Better than before. 24. @thebeach,underthestars,listeningtoMaroon5. 25. Dusty furniture,wrinkly clothes. 26. Tall, muscular, brown/blonde hair, sweetheart,cute<3. 27. fat,blackhair,mexican,dark,ugly. 28. So they wouldn’t get mad at me. 29. homework. 30. “Because you’re the most amazing,beautiful,lovable girlfriend I’ve ever had and I love you more than anything or anyone.” 31. You’re fat. 32. I love you. 33. To go back to California&to meet Demi Lovato. 34. Piercings,tattoos,blue eyes&abs. 35. New york or the UK. 36. My body. 37. Doctor. 38. Vanilla. 39. Demi Lovato:3. 40. Tyler’s house. 41. Chips. 42. Harry Styles&Channing Tatum. 43. it’s kinda impossible for lesbians to get HIV. (Taken with Instagram)

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